Latest Fashion Print Trends

Summer is the time the fashion world fills with colours and prints. Moving away from the blacks, grays and other dull colours worn in winter, summer is the time for you to experiment with various colours and prints. With the rapid changes in the fashion world, you need to always be updated with the newest trends round the corner so that you will not fall behind your peers. So here are some of the prints in style this season.

1. Stripes
Stripes have been in style for decades. The vibrant colours and designs come out during summer every year so if you have your mother’s old pair of striped pants which was immensely popular in the 80s, well now is the time to take them out. Stripes can be used basically on anything. Shirts, dresses, skirts, shoes and even handbags. Rainbow stripes are another trend seen commonly, with the use of many colours and not just one.

2. Floral prints
Florals will never go out of style. From abstract floral to realistic floral to romantic floral, the list goes on. Florals have been known to match any occasion. A day at the beach, a dinner date, a high end fashion show or even a simple family get-together, these prints will make you look extravagant.

3. Tie and dye
These do-it-yourself styles can be the best for the new season. Well of course you can’t be buying the latest dresses every week. So why not design your own dresses? You can simple get an old plain shirt or t-shirt and dye them according to your choice in different patterns and colours.

4. Bohemian style
These are perfect for the summer with its beautiful patterns and colours. You could simply order Auguste the label online, which is a great fashion store for this style. You’d find dresses, cover ups, tops and even printed shorts which are high in fashion this season. You would no doubt look great while at the beach, wearing such a sundress.

5. Animal prints
Leopard and tiger prints will never get old. It is the thriving fashion of youngsters and will remain so for the years to come. The latest style in animal prints is that the entire animal is being printed in clear detail and not merely its body-print. For example, the normal leopard print we know of is the spotted pattern of the animal. However, the latest trend is printing the entire animal clearly on the clothing item.

6. Illusion prints
Illusion to the eye prints have been used by designers for all purposes. Such prints could make you look fat, thin, tall or short according to your liking. Hence designers use these patterns wisely to make sure their models look the best. You can try out some of these prints too, to hide some of those extra pounds.