Month: March 2016

Types Of Graduation Gowns You Need To Know

People often underestimate the importance of graduation gowns. This is not just a piece of your attire, but also a symbol. It reflects your academic career and gives meaning to the ceremony. Of course, you will sweat a lot in the costume, but it will be worth it at the end of the day. Listed below is some information that you need to know if you are graduating soon.


This was not something that was invented a few years ago. This tradition has prevailed for centuries in many countries around the world. Gowns, hoods and caps symbolize the student’s education. But most important factor of this attire is the color. You would have noticed that there are various colors in use. This is because the color of the attire will change according to the degree awarded and the level attained.


The academic dress for a basic bachelor’s degree is will differ amongst students from various departments. For instance, the Uni graduation gown of a medical student will be different to that of a fine arts student. The feature that separates this dress from others is the long, pointed sleeve. The dress is usually made in polyester fabric since it is easy to maintain and is less susceptible to wear and tear.


The colors of this particular Uni graduation gown will also differ according to the type of degree. It is quite easy to identify a masters gown from others since it has distinctive elongates sleeves. It also has pocket on the right side as well as twin pleats of the front. This not only enables you to have your phone with your, but also allows free and comfortable movement. This way, you can be assured that you will not trip when walking to the stage. The field of the study is usually conveyed through the color of the lining of the hood.


This is the highest educational qualification that can be obtained in a university and thus the graduation dress is quite different. Apart from the usual style, it also includes an additional tassel and bonnet. Of course, the style can differ from one educational institution to another. The dress has long elegant lines, bell sleeves and front panels. The color of the hood usually conveys the student’s area of study. The dress is made to last for a long period of time since the student will be obliged to wear it when attending formal university functions. 

It is important for you to respect, value and safeguard your graduation robe since it is a memorabilia of not only the ceremony but also of your life at the university.